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Earphones Earbuds Cleaning Pen Brush Kit

Earphones Earbuds Cleaning Pen Brush Kit

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Keep your earphones earbuds in the best shape with our Earphones Earbuds Cleaning Pen Brush Kit. This professional cleaner kit is designed to be used on AirPods Pro 3 2 1 Bluetooth and Apple Airdots as well as any other kind of wireless earphone/earbud style. The kit contains a cleaning pen, brush, and case cleaning tools for a complete cleaning experience. It's ideal for those who need to keep their listening devices clean and free from dirt build-up as it can effectively reach deep into those hard-to-reach crevices in no time! With this effective cleaner, you can improve AUDIO QUALITY AND GET A STEREO SOUND IMPROVEMENT right away. Say goodbye to sound distortions caused by dirt build-ups and enjoy better audio quality with crystal clarity every single day!




Name: Earphone cleaning pen
Material: Plastic + accessories + pen cover
Weight: About 10.6g
Packing: Boxed
Size: 110*17mm
Color box size: 11.2*1.8*1.8cm
Color: White


Package includes:
Cleaning pen*1

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